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Golden Thrones - Zion and Jasmine

Golden Thrones - Zion and Jasmine

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Step into the realm of "Zion & Jasmine: The Promise of Forever," a canvas art piece that doesn't just adorn your wall—it whispers the tale of two young souls, fervently etching their love story into the annals of time. This artwork is a radiant chapter in the Kilaria Joy Golden Thrones collection, capturing the exhilarating journey of love's first bloom and its aspirations for eternal devotion.

Imprinted on artist-grade cotton fabric, Zion and Jasmine are the living epitome of a love that's both fresh and timeless. The patented solid support face ensures that their love isn't a mere flicker.

Enrich your space and your soul with "Zion & Jasmine: The Promise of Forever." Let this piece from the Kilaria Joy Golden Thrones collection be your daily muse, and a poetic reminder of love's boundless potential.


  • Material: 100% Artist-Grade Cotton Fabric (400gsm)
  • Orientation: Available in Vertical, and Square Options
  • Sizes: Choose from 8″ x 10″, 16″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, or 10″ x 10″
  • Backing: Closed MDF Backing for Enhanced Durability
  • Support: Built with a Patented Solid Support Face Image
  • Quality: High-Quality Image and Intricate Detailing
  • Usage: For Indoor Use Only
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